A system for efficient management of vehicle flows in your warehouse or production site.

Increase warehouse turnover capacity by 30% in the first month using yardms.io!


Why do you need yardms.io?

  • No traffic jam of trucks and drivers on your warehouse
  • Reduce the size of the parking spot for vehicles
  • Reduce transport demurrage while waiting for warehouse operations
  • Reduce the processing time of the vehicle in the warehouse
  • Ensure security work with drivers and their documents
  • Manage the risk of fraud on the part of drivers and transport companies when loading, as well as avoid the departure of an unauthorized driver from the warehouse
  • Reduce administrative staff costs
  • Have detailed analytics and full transparency of operations
  • Work on LEAN principles and eliminate waste in processes

A short video on how yardms.io works

What can you do with it?

  • clock
    Assign time slots for warehouse operations
  • content-management-system
    Allow your suppliers and customers to book pickup / shipment
  • register
    Driver check in upon arrival
  • id-card
    Process driver’s documents
  • warehouse
    Assign gates for warehouse operations
  • checklist
    Track vehicle entry, start and end of loading, issue of documents, exit from the territory

Who needs yardms.io?

  • Whom need 1
    Warehouse operator
  • Whom need 2
  • Whom need 3
    Manufacturing company

More than 100 thousand trucks have already passed through warehouses using yardms.io

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Yardms.io advantages

  • Benefit 1
    Cloud solution

    Does not require any software installations, complex integration with other systems

  • Benefit 2
    Any industries

    Retail, manufacturing, FMCG, construction sector, logistics and transport companies, etc.

  • Benefit 3
    User friendly interfaces

    Intuitive interfaces that do not require user training.

  • Benefit 4
    Dashboard control

    All information and KPIs in real time.

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